Prayer of the Faithful

General Formula II

Priest’s Introduction

Brothers and sisters,
as we now make our prayer
for our community and for the world,
let us all pray to Christ the Lord,
not only for ourselves and our own needs,
but for the entire people.


1a. For the whole Christian people,
let us beseech the abundance of divine goodness.
R. Christ, hear us. or Christ, graciously hear us.

1b. For all who do not yet believe,
let us implore the giver of all spiritual gifts.
R. Christ, hear us.

2a. For those who hold public office,
let us call upon the power of the Lord.
R. Christ, hear us.

2b. For favorable weather and abundant fruits from
the earth,
let us entreat the Lord, the ruler of the world.
R. Christ, hear us.

3a. For our brothers and sisters
who cannot be present at this sacred assembly,
let us beseech him who observes all things.
R. Christ, hear us.

3b. For the repose of the souls of the faithful departed,
let us call upon the judge of all humanity.
R. Christ, hear us.

4a. For all of us who pray in faith
and ask the mercy of the Lord,
let us entreat the compassion of our Savior.
R. Christ, hear us.

4b. For ourselves and those close to us
who await the Lord’s goodness,
let us call upon the mercy of Christ the Lord.
R. Christ, hear us.

Priest’s Prayer

Incline your merciful ear to our prayers,
we ask, O Lord,
and listen in kindness
to the supplications of those who call on you.
Through Christ our Lord.
R. Amen.

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