Prayer of the Faithful

5. Lent I

Priest’s Introduction

We should pour forth prayers at all times,
dear brothers and sisters,
but, above all, in these days of Lent
we ought to watch more intently with Christ
and direct our petitions more fervently to God.


1. For the whole Christian people,
that in this sacred time they may be more abundantly nourished
by every word that comes from the mouth of God,
let us pray to the Lord.

2. For the whole world,
that in lasting tranquility and peace
our days may truly become
the acceptable time of grace and salvation,
let us pray to the Lord.

3. For sinners and the neglectful,
that in this time of reconciliation
they may return to Christ,
let us pray to the Lord.

4. For ourselves,
that God may at last stir up in our hearts
aversion for our sins,
let us pray to the Lord.

Priest’s Prayer

Grant, we pray, O Lord,
that your people may turn to you with all their heart,
so that whatever they dare to ask in fitting prayer
they may receive by your mercy.
Through Christ our Lord.

R. Amen.

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