Prayer of the Faithful

10. Ordinary Time II

Priest’s Introduction

We have all gathered here,
dear brothers and sisters,
to celebrate the mysteries of our redemption;
let us therefore ask almighty God
that the whole world may be watered
from these springs of all blessing and life.


1. For all who have vowed themselves to God,
that with his help they may faithfully keep to their resolve,
let us pray to the Lord.

2. For peace among nations,
that, delivered from all turmoil,
the peoples may serve God in freedom of heart,
let us pray to the Lord.

3. For the elderly who suffer from isolation or sickness,
that they may be strengthened
by our love of them as brothers and sisters,
let us pray to the Lord.

4. For ourselves gathered here,
that, as God does not cease to sustain us
with the things of this life,
we may know how to use them in such a way
that we may hold even now
to the things that endure for ever,
let us pray to the Lord.

Priest’s Prayer

May your mercy, we beseech you, O Lord,
be with your people who cry to you,
so that what they seek at your prompting
they may obtain by your ready generosity.
Through Christ our Lord.

R. Amen.

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